Sands-Constellation Center for Critical Care

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Photos by: GP Flooring Solutions

GP Flooring Solutions

Design by Clark Patterson Lee

Rochester, NY


GP Flooring Solutions was tapped to do the flooring work at the new bed tower for Rochester Regional Health Critical Care Center in Rochester, NY. The flooring scope was 225,000 SF of various materials including, Tarkett iQ Granit Sheet Vinyl including 30,000 LF of flash cove, iQ Optima Tile and iQ Static Dissipative Tile, millwork and reveal base, stair treads and rubber tile. Other flooring products including Nora Sentica Rubber, Interface Carpet and Toli Linotesta Tile. Due design changes and unforeseen site conditions, the flooring work started 6 months late however the end date needed to remain the same due to an increased need with the pandemic. After slab RH testing, it was determined that moisture mitigation and leveling were required throughout the building. Due to the timeline, no additional time could be allotted to the flooring, even with this added scope. Our team worked closely with Bostik/CMP and utilized their mitigation and self-leveling products to move efficiently through-out the 9 floors of the building. A detailed phasing diagram broke each floor in to 3 segments and we turned over each segment sequentially working on up to 4 floors at a time. We staggered our crews to work 2 shifts for 5 months straight in order balance manpower with the Covid social distancing requirements and to accommodate the other trades needs throughout the building. GP was the only subcontractor who effectively implemented the 2-shift system and we were recognized throughout the project for this accomplishment. GP met or exceeded the deadlines and helped push other trades in front of us to completion. With the need for bed space in our area, it was decided that the hospital would do a phased opening. The lower floors that were completed became active while we were still working on the upper floors which added complexity to our on-site logistics. Our crews followed the Covid guidelines and we were fortunate enough to not have any lost time due to Covid on our crews. Here is a brief video tour of the completed space:


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