Schiller Park School

Most Creative Flooring Design

Photos by: Alexander Romanovsky

Flooring Resources Corporation

Design by DLA Architects, Ltd.

Schiller Park, IL


This space was dreamed up for the children. Creating a joyful and happy learning environment was the main priority. Per the designer, “There are stylized nods to transit in some of the details since they are blocks from an airport and an industrial trucking/train hub, but nothing was literal.” Acoustics were another factor that played into the design, due to the proximity to the airport and the nature of such vast, open/connected spaces. The vision was brought to life by talented installers and fun flooring materials that really captured the overall concept. With approximately twenty-two material deliveries and the use of many different colors, materials and on-site cutting for borders and patterns, this one-of-a-kind install was no easy feat. Despite the complexity of the deliveries, the tight schedule, and the need for a meticulously detailed install, this job was completed on time and the children were given a creative space for their learning. FUSE Member Materials: •Milliken Carpet Tiles - 70 SY •Shaw Carpet Tiles - 180 SY •Mohawk LVT Plank - 6,450 SF •Altro Sheet Vinyl - 150 SY •Johnsonite Rubber Tiles - 320 SF •Johnsonite 4” Rubber Base - 10,320 LF Also installed: •Over 4,300 SY of broadloom carpet •Over 2,000 SY of vinyl sheet goods •Over 700 SF of sports flooring