Skidrow Housing Trust - Rossmore & Weldon Buildings

Toughest Site Conditions

Photos by: Phil Bannan - CIR

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Los Angeles, CA


Scope of work was Kardean LVT installation over existing VCT for 2 low-income housing buildings (total of 27,000 SF of occupied living space). We worked closely with our customer to coordinate a game plan to ensure all residents were taken care of and not displaced as we made our way through the building in phases. This project was in the Skidrow area of Downtown LA, which made for some interesting and unique logistics (coordinating deliveries through the sidewalks lined with tents of people living on streets, with no actual parking lot or driveway for unloading materials... and on top of that, once we got into the building, no elevator access to the upper floors). Although these were tough and demanding conditions for our team, we were able to keep morale high knowing that the work was being done for a great cause -- to bring a fresh and clean living environment to those in need, and hopefully help provide them with a nice, enjoyable living space as they work to get off the streets and back on their feet.