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Charlotte, NC


We were contacted by the Charlotte Hornets and the Charlotte Regional Visitors authority to help find a solution to slip fall issues that they have had on the painted concrete steps in the Charlotte’s Spectrum Center, home to the Charlotte Hornets. They needed a solution that looked good and made the area safer for attendees.

Our investigation of the existing conditions found that we had to provide a solution that would hold up to an extremely large amount of traffic, be affixed and stable as well as aesthetically pleasing.

The solution was Tredsafe nosing – AA207 with double abrasive inserts. This profile provided a wide enough foot fall area with out taking over the entire step. The beveled edge on the back of the nosing reduced to zero and blended well.
For the nosing insert strips, we worked with Tredsafe and L Fishman to come up with custom Charlotte Hornet’s color inserts. The custom colors made it look like this was intended from day one. For stability of installation and long life, we installed the Treadsafe nosing by predrilling in the concrete steps, then applied Wakol Montinator adhesive to complete, they were glued and screwed in place. This has proved to be very stable.

It is always on our mind that in our business, we recognize we manage liability. In providing this solution we were able to help manage our client’s liability and by installing them in the fashion that we did, we managed our liability as well.


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