SRG Wellington

Greatest Space Challenges

Photos by: CIR's Ken Hurd

Commercial Interior Resources

Design by KWright Designs

Laguna Woods, CA
Oct 2018


The Wellington is a luxurious senior living community in Laguna Woods, CA managed by SRG (Senior Resource Group). SRG hired Align Builders to complete their facility refresh and they partnered with us on the floor covering scope. This included 5 floors of occupied public space, including lobby, corridors, dining rooms, entertainment rooms, the fitness room, hair salon and swimming pool club room.

Our scope included removing and disposing of existing flooring, preparing the subfloors and installing the new floor covering in occupied public space all adjacent to the senior's living quarters/units over an 8-month time frame. We installed Masland custom broadloom carpet (9,138 SY), Masland LVT (6,009 SF), Armstrong LVT (728 SF), Johsonite Millwork Base (16,289 LF), and ceramic tile (2,500 SF) throughout these 5 floors. The majority of the work was completed during standard business hours, which meant we had to work with the GC & SRG to create a detailed phasing plan outlining the scope durations, which then had to clearly communicated with the residents. We set up safety barricades to ensure the residents did not tip toe through the work in progress, such as the Schonox floor patch and/or adhesive. Despite these precautions, some of the residents were a bit stubborn and chose to take it upon themselves to revise our timelines (see attached photo of how long our demo should take) and even walk over flooring that was not yet done setting, walkers and all. But we persevered and some of the residents even enjoyed watching our crews work (see pics haha). The project turned out beautifully and all parties were very content with the end results.