Terminal 3 Improvements; Cape Canaveral, Florida

Best Flooring Solution, Most Aggressive Timeline / Schedule

Photos by: John Randall

Acousti Engineering Company of FL

Design by Bermello Ajamil & Partners

Cape Canaveral, Florida
June 10, 2020


Best Flooring Solution

The Terminal 3 Improvement Project was part of the Port’s largest single construction project for over 65 years of its history. With a whopping $163 million dollar contract, this is now a world-class cruise terminal that will house Carnival Cruise Line’s ship, the Mardi Gras, which is currently their largest ship in their fleet. Seeing that Carnival will be the cruise line that occupies this space, it is only apropos that there is adequate branding to reflect their presence. To do this, Acousti used water jet cut patterns to create custom Carnival logos for the flooring throughout the port terminal. All of the intricacies of these cuts make the feel of walking into the terminal as if you are ready to sail away with Carnival immediately. The best branded environment is due in large part to the way the water jet cut the patterns for Carnival’s branding to showcase itself upon walking into the already massively impressive terminal as it is the largest of its kind.

Most Aggressive Timeline / Schedule

With such a large scope of a project, one would think there would be an even larger window to complete such a complex endeavor. However, that was not the case with the Terminal 3 Improvements in Cape Canaveral, Florida. A dynamic, state-of-the-art cruise terminal was constructed on schedule and budget, miraculously. As impressive as it seems, what is even more daunting is the fact that this project was also part of the Port’s “largest single-construction project in port history”. Quite impressive. Acousti Engineering Company meticulously installed 70,000 square feet of porcelain tile, ceramic wall time, glass backsplashes with extremely intricate patterns in addition to water-jet cut patterns with custom Carnival Logos. As unfathomable as this seems given the scope of the project, squeeze all of this into an even more aggressive 60-day window of completion and that is how this timeline played out for this endeavor. In addition to the tile as previously mentioned, Acousti also installed the drywall, the acoustical ceilings, the specialty ceilings, the resilient flooring, the static dissipative tile, the carpet tile, the resilient base, and also the computer access floors. The total square footage Acousti installed for all of the flooring amounted to over 100,000 square feet.