The Egyptian Theatre – Hollywood by Netflix

Most Creative Flooring Design

Photos by: Israel Alvarez - Signature Flooring, Inc.

Signature Flooring, Inc.

Design by Studio 440

Hollywood, CA


The Egyptian Theatre – Hollywood by Netflix Hollywood, CA Architect – Studio 440 Project Size: 16,000 SF Details: Renovation / Commercial Completed: September 2023 Category: Best in Show, Most Creative Flooring Design Hollywood’s 100-year-old Egyptian Theatre is a historic movie palace located on Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. It is one of the most iconic and well-known landmarks in the area, and it has played a significant role in the history of the American film industry. Designed by the architectural firm of Meyer & Holler, it first opened its doors in October 18, 1922. Commissioned by showman Sid Grauman, who later became famous for his direct role play in the construction of the Chinese Theater also located in Hollywood. The Egyptian Theater opened in 1922, hosting many LA star-studded film premiers. In 2020, the theatre was purchased by streaming giant Netflix with the purpose to renovate the almost-condemned building. We are happy to have been part of the restoration process of this must-visit landmark for film enthusiasts and visitors around the world. Leaving our mark with the beautifully designed flooring installation in what is home to the first Hollywood movie premier and the birthplace of the red carpet. Flooring plays a significant role in interior design by contributing to the overall aesthetics, comfort, and functionality of a space. With this framework in mind, Signature Flooring, Inc. installed Shaw Contract’s 42.00 oz/yd2, Ultraloc® backing, custom pattern-designed, 12 ft broadloom carpet in the main theater areas, corridors, concessions and lobby. Perfectly coordinating and enhancing the overall design theme of the theater. In the seating area, Mohawk Group’s Hot and Heavy, Style Boulder LVT, color Onyx was installed to minimize glare and reflections, while providing a neutral area that helps direct attention to the stage. By keeping the flooring unobtrusive, it allows the audience to focus to be drawn upward to the main stage. It’s dark color help create a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere. It adds a sense of warmth and richness to a space, contributing to a more upscale and refined aesthetic. Concealing dirt, stains, and wear-and-tear was significantly important. Especially in high-traffic areas such as seating sections, where spills and foot traffic are common. It’s 5mm overall thickness, 20 mil wear layer & M-Force Ultra Finish proficiently suited these conditions. Theatrical productions involve intricate control systems for coordinating lighting, sound, and special effects. These control systems are electronically operated and require large amounts of electrical power. To help control static electricity that can cause damage to sensitive equipment or pose a risk to personnel, Signature Flooring, Inc. installed SDT Flooring (Forbo MCT). This helped provide a controlled path for the discharge of static electricity, preventing the build-up of electrostatic charges on individuals and equipment within area. Adding a finishing touch to the junction between the wall and the floor & creating a visually appealing transition, Signature Flooring installed Johnsonite Tarkett’s Millwork Reveal Wall Base. This decorative trim contributes to the overall aesthetics of the theater. From organization and structure, to providing a finished & cohesive look, the millwork wall base helps bring together the aesthetical design of a complete flooring installation. When discussing the foundation of all successful flooring installations, subfloor preparation sits at the very top of the list. With the projects stringent schedule in mind & the need to mitigate the concrete slabs of high moisture vapor emissions, Signature Flooring, Inc. strategically assembled a crew that could tackle one of the most difficult, yet common flooring problems in the flooring industry. Concrete moisture mitigation. Using Sika Corporation’s Sika MB, 2-component, solvent free, low viscosity, epoxy moisture barrier, Signature Flooring, Inc. ensured that the concrete that was scheduled to received new floor coverings was sealed for moisture. Due to a stringent schedule and heavy weather delays, the moisture mitigation system had to be applied in all areas in the midst of complete & on-going construction site. A task that involved intricate planning & coordination to successfully pull off the mitigation process while allowing optimal work progression & site access to all other trades partners. Signature Flooring met the stringent requirements for floor flatness and levelness with over 500 bags of Sika’s 425 self-leveling underlayment. With its completion in September 2023, the innovative flooring installation performed at Hollywood’s Egyptian Theater seamlessly integrates custom-designed carpet, high grade LVT, SDT Flooring & Resilient Wall Base. Designed for both aesthetic appeal and durability, the flooring installation not only elevates the theater’s ambiance but also ensures a premium cinematic experience. The meticulous combination of these material creates a visually stunning and acoustically optimized space, setting a new standard for sophistication in theater design. Today Show Project Feature: "How Netflix saved iconic Grauman's Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood" 3 minute segment profiling job w/ Netflix co CEO Ted Sarandos "Restoring the Historic Egyptian Theatre in Los Angeles" Manufacturers Used: Shaw Contract – Custom Pattern-Design, UltraLoc, 42.00/oz/yd2, Broadloom Carpet Mohawk Group - Visual Edge Collection, Angled Perception Carpet Tile Tarkett Johnsonite – Millwork Reveal Rubber Wall Base Sika Corporation – Sika MB 2-part Epoxy Moisture Barrier Sika Corporation – 425 Self Leveling Underlayment


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