The Gardens & Guardian House

Toughest Site Conditions

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Lake Charles, LA


Hurricane Laura destroyed the town of Lake Charles, Louisiana and was followed by another Hurricane later that year. There were no local hotels within an hour's drive, nowhere to sleep and get food, so our forces stayed on site. There was a fire on site, and three floods due to poor design. Then there was COVID happening. Having a 50,000 sq. ft. delivery was a challenge for freight lines. The installers slept on the floor and worked from 5 am until 11 pm each night and day and cooked their meals on a hot plate. No sooner had we finished the apartments in a nursing home, then the second hurricane hit and damaged 15 apartments and we had to go in and remove all of the flooring that had just been done. The men would arrive on a Monday morning and return home on Fridays, the travel distance is 2 hours from Baton Rouge, and because of the amount of flooring we had to hire a delivery service and have a forklift on site. there were three crews/ 8 men all working to complete this job.


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