Thrive Wellness Center - Gonzales Texas

Best Branded Environments

Photos by: Thomas McConnell Photography

McCoy-Rockford, Inc.

Design by The Polkinghorne Group

Gonzales Texas
March 2017


The Thrive Wellness Center is a health and wellness facility located in rural South Central Texas.

The facility is designed to draw people in and encourage all aspects of wellness - not just exercise. The facility includes a nutrition focus with a teaching kitchen and healthy food kiosk as well as a beauty salon and spa. There is also childcare on site as well as a medical clinic.

The designers used movement and energy in the design of the space to encourage the intended use of the facility. Movement and energy are supported through the strong wall graphics used throughout the space.

The design team used the floor to encourage movement as well - both literally as well as with pattern layout. The space includes an indoor walking track using around the perimeter of the space using LVT tiles with an attached cushion. Patterning in the various floor products inspire movement. Color is strong in the floor selections to promote energy. The floor and the space are truly designed to encourage people to THRIVE.


Tandus - Cartography powerbond and Plexus Accents
J&J Inception
Johnsonite - rubber base and transitions