Top Golf - Lafayette

Most Creative Flooring Design

Photos by: Brooke Oberste

Anytime Flooring

Design by Aria Group Architects, Inc.

Lafayette, Louisiana
March 2023


In our transformative new construction project at Top Golf - Lafayette, we've reimagined tile work, seamlessly blending style and function across key areas. Our work covers the bathrooms, bar area, bar backsplash, main stairway, and the front entrance tiling in the welcome center, creating a cohesive and elegant experience throughout. At the front entrance of the welcome center, guests are greeted by bespoke tiling that sets a welcoming tone. This area, designed to make a striking first impression, features tiles that are both aesthetically pleasing and indicative of the quality experience awaiting inside. In the bathrooms, sophistication meets durability. The selected tiles are visually appealing and robust, engineered to endure the high traffic of a bustling area. Moving to the bar area, the tiles add vibrancy and character, establishing an inviting and timeless ambiance. The bar backsplash is a standout feature, where functionality meets creative flair. More than just a backsplash, it serves as a captivating centerpiece, enhancing the overall charm of the bar. The main stairway, part of the new construction, exudes luxury, setting the tone for the entire space and guiding visitors with grace and style.