Turf Club & Stakes Tavern Renovation at Kentucky Derby Racetrack

Best in Show

Photos by: Don Lehman Photography

Butler Flooring Services

Design by Populous

Louisville, KY
April 27, 2016


Multiple delays and problems with other trades dictated that flooring installation would start nearly 3 weeks later than projected. Tensions were high because these issues would not change the completion date since a world renowned race would occur here on the 1st Saturday in May. There were no windows in the area which made acclimation of materials extremely difficult and our timeline would not accommodate an installation failure. With new concrete being poured in one area all trades were required to evacuate and therefore forced to work on top of one another other in other areas in order to maintain productivity. Ceramic tile and special case work was installed simultaneously in areas where we were scheduled to lay carpet, which required patience and extended cooperation of our installers working with other trades knowing that their own deadline was fast approaching. Due to the excessive roll lengths the carpet had to be delivered with a crane through a 4th floor window necessitating supervision of our lead installer. His involvement with delivery took him away from managing crews who were jockeying with other trades for access, further affecting our timeline. The space involved multiple levels with stairs and ramps receiving patterned carpet. These large repeats had to come together in open areas and hallways, inevitably occupied by other trades, making a complicated installation even more difficult as we meticulously matched seams without compromising the integrity of their work. Throughout the renovation public tours were being conducted as many visitors flocked to the track prior to Derby. Although the construction area was off limits curious guest would drift into our work area which slowed down progress. Nevertheless Derby week opened on Monday May 2nd and racing fans from around the world had the opportunity to enjoy the beautifully renovated facility.