Viejas Casino and Resort, Renovation Phase B1

Toughest Site Conditions

Photos by: Dave Billick

Christian Brothers Flooring & Interiors

Design by WATG/ IGroup Design

Alpine, CA


The Viejas Casino and Resort, Renovation Phase B1 proved be to one of the most challenging and rewarding projects in which Christian Brothers Flooring & Interiors (CBFI) has been involved. With over twenty-four tile and flooring finishes, some of which had long-lead times and ranged from glass and specialty tiles to axminster carpet, this project had to all be installed in less than sixty days. This was accomplished by working shifts, with up to 40 flooring and tile craftsman, shifts were scheduled 24 hours a day, 6 days per week. CBFI and interior and exterior scopes of work.CBFI had crews interior installing over 20,000 sq ft of tile and flooring. The work ranged from extreme sub-floor issues (which required over 1400 bags of Uzin NC150), floated mortar beds at some of the floor tile areas, intricate layouts of glass and mosaic tiles, axminster carpet. The tile installation also included large panel gauged porcelain tile 39”x128” which had to be cut down to 5” widths and then installed on an entry area that had a 30 ft height. CBFI also was concurrently installing stone on the exterior of the building; an 18”x36”x5/8” sandstone which required 24 hour temperature monitoring and daily pull tests. The 60 feet high enclosed scaffold area had to be heated and the building surface could not be allowed to drop below 40 degrees; large space heaters were onsite to maintain the temperature which CBFI had personnel monitoring. Design changes were made daily so field flexibility and adjustments were managed by the CBFI project team. With a great team effort, CBFI met the deadlines and is proud of the beautiful project at Viejas Casino and Resort.


Uzin and Mapei