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Sherland & Farrinngton, Inc.

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New York


We were tasked with fast tracking 16 Floors (about 25K sy Carpet Tile, 325 sy Broadloom, 40,000 LF wall base) completed 1/14/22. The scope of the job was to rip up existing carpet tile, broadloom, and wall base with furniture systems in place. A lot of areas had significant disbonding of previously prepared subfloor. There was a tremendous amount of cutback on the slab and some areas had begun plasticizer migration. After removing the disbonding patch, we partnered with Schonox and used MR18 to seal in the cutback. We then primed with SHP and patched with RF and SL to provide a suitable substrate for the new carpet installation. We were typically running between 15 and 20 men per day on the floors and were able to complete blocks of 3 floors per week. The job was challenging but utilizing different crews for different tasks (rip up, mitigation, prep, install), we were able to meet the aggressive schedule.


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