World Waterpark West Edmonton Mall

Best Flooring Solution

Photos by: Fred richardson

Cutting Edge Contract Flooring Ltd

Design by West Edmonton Mall Design Team

Edmonton, AB
October 2018


This high profile space in Edmonton sees tens of thousands of visitors each year and is constantly wet or even at time under water. We had a one week deadline from start to finish for the 10,000 square foot beach area. The existing floor was Protect-All, heat welded and installed over textured concrete with Two Part Urethane adhesive. Removal was no easy task. For this job we purchases a battery operated Terminator ride-on floor removal machine. Removal and disposal too 3 days of our allotted week of removal, prep and installation. After the Protect-All was removed, we had to grind off adhesive and smooth the textured concrete to accept our new flooring. For this we purchased the Titan Werkmaster 7 disk concrete grinder and employed 5 of our 7" dustless hand held diamond grinders. The new flooring was custom 3' x 3' tiles of foam rubber installed per the installation specs from the manufacturer with solvent based Contact Cement. None of our installation crew had ever installed anything similar to this so the whole job was a great learning experience and to this day we still have zero deficiencies. we had to arrange ventilation and exhaust for this step, especially because there was another crew applying a coating to the base of the wave pool using tiger torches. The installation was a one-shot deal, no second chances with contact cement. The result was a slip resistant, waterproof, soft surface to act as the beach area for this waterpark.


Johnsonite Tarkett